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“TheraPlate is one of the best therapy machines on the market. It is a must-have for me when I compete. When I compete at a high level, I want every advantage I can get. TheraPlate makes my horses feel so good that they give me that extra effort. I love helping my horses love their job!”

Charmayne James, 11-time World Champion Barrel Racer

The Benefits

TheraPlate has helped horses from almost every discipline stay sound and conditioned.
Give your horses the advantage of increased circulation and reduced inflammation for maintenance, conditioning, healing and overall soundness.
TheraPlate can be used for Horses, Humans and Pets! Everyone benefits from increased circulation.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it

“I see a huge difference in my horses from using TheraPlate. They are happier and more willing in their work. It really balances my overall wellness program for them and ensures much greater soundness longevity.”

– Olympian Heather Blitz

What makes the TheraPlate Different?

The patented TheraPlate® is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury.

How Does It Work?

You let me know how many and what size horses you have and I will help you determine which size TheraPlate would work best for you. We offer 21 day NO Obligation Demo Units as well as Rent To Own and Financing options.

Step 1

Fill out the form to request a 21 Day Free Demo. The cost of shipping is on us for the demo, both directions if necessary.

Step 2

Once you receive your demo unit give me a call and I will walk you through the set up and the best way to introduce your horses to TheraPlate. You will also want to download the TheraPlate App for treatment protocols.

Step 3

After your 21 Day Demo is complete we can discuss how you can purchase the TheraPlate. Or if you are not satisfied with TheraPlate we will send you return labels.

How Much Does It Cost?

Small Equine Unit K12

2' Wide, 6' Long, 6" Tall
  • For human and small animal use as well
  • two independent treatment zones


2' Wide, 3' Long, 6" Tall
  • For human and small animal use
  • With or without handrail


2' Wide, 2' Long, 6" Tall
  • with a handrail
  • Space Saving

Financing available – All In-house


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About Rhesa

I have been an Independent Distributor for TheraPlate Revolution for over 5 years. I was first introduced to TheraPlate through the demo program. I requested a demo unit to see if it would help my husbands rope horse overcome some soreness. After just three sessions you would have never even thought she had any problems. I myself have chronic hip and knee problems. The first time getting on the TheraPlate I could not believe the instant relief I felt. I fast became interested in TheraPlate so I started doing more research and saw they were looking for distributors. I called the owner/creator, Chip Kreiling, and asked if we could meet. I have since represented TheraPlate at many horse events over the last 5 years and do not have any plans to quit. I am a believer as well as the couple of hundred clients I have help purchase their own TheraPlate. TheraPlate has become my anti-inflammatory! No more medications for me!!

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